Case Study | Education

Articulated need | We are a large education institution with a heritage of over 150 years and we need to address our increasing intake of children and plan for future needs .

  • Inquire


    challenge : “ This campus once served 700 children and now the same campus serves 3500.The lack of amenities also led to increased hyper activity in class rooms and challenges of an evolving curriculum ”.

  • Infer


    We approached this challenge with a strong focus on channelizing energies as a unique way to ideate in order to provide for holistic well being and development of children. Interaction with the client’s team helped us identify unmet and unarticulated needs of the institution

  • Ideate


    We designed a state of the art indoor sports complex that also doubled as multi purpose activity center for channelizing children’s energy through the year and in complement to an ever evolving curriculum for holistic development in an innovative and sustainable manner.

  • Innovate


    The facility is utilized through the year and complements the curriculum as an activity center for all age groups of children , while also accommodating activities of staff and inter school events.

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