design led innovation | impact

Our work touches a million lives everyday and this is the result of our unwavering commitment to designing experiences, products , spaces and processes that have enhanced “quality of life”. What is quality of life you ask ? It is , to us… the essence of human centered design that draws focus to areas of safety, compliance, conducive work environs, and creating a backdrop that allows for  good practices, innovation, collaboration and communication in order to address constraints and contexts that have plagued capable organisations and institutions which in turn affect their people, practices and their purpose of customer satisfaction and delight.

        We utilise the unique mix of our demonstrated capabilities and experience in the fields of design , business design and design build, engaging as a design firm for the last 20 years, to deliver design led innovation that are both purpose oriented and innovative to ensure relevance and agility of the business purpose.

With  design, we have answered the following questions:

  • We are a large American company and we would like to operate our life sciences Centre from India. How can we replicate what we follow as standards globally with limited resources in India?
  • We are a large conglomerate and manufacturers of airplanes and we would like to operate our R & T team, How can we optimize our global standards in the Indian context? 
  • We are a large education conglomerate and we would like to understand franchisee model operation in a manner that it drives a kinaesthetic approach to skill based learning?
  • We are an industrial scale charity based institution and we would like to understand a modular way of growth so that we are able to reach the farthest corners of our country with ease of replication.
  • We are a large education institution with a heritage of 150 years and we are grappling with newer needs due to growth versus constrained resources. How can we achieve balance between growth and resources? 
  • We are a chamber of commerce of international repute and we would like to set up educational training centers across the metros in India.
  • We are an ITES company and we would like to set up our operations in the IT hub but our resources are restricted to half of our needs. How can we overcome the same and still have our needs fully satisfied?
  • We are a large scale NGO working in the industrial kitchen sector and we would like to reduce our ‘cook to consumption’ time by half. How can we achieve this?
  • We are a small-scale family held healthcare facility with limited resources but we would like to plan our growth five-fold with our currently available constraints and resources. How do we do this?
  • We are a US based pharma supplies conglomerate and we are looking to consolidate and grow in India . How can we better utilize our existing warehousing facilities enhance yield while ensuring safety and compliance ?