practice | design led innovation

Our objective is to help organisations leverage the power of design led innovation to drive change, augment creativity and above all facilitate a growth mindset. Human Centred Design is the harbinger of change and an agent of impact capable of exploring newer frontiers in thought leadership. We believe, at the intersection of design, business and technology is where lies the sweet spot of success that drives businesses towards relevance, and we do this with the following services:

design and implementation : we help businesses innovate by designing:

  • experiences
  • spaces
  • services and products

business model innovation and validation : as catalysts, we facilitate and scaffold, design led business strategies that allow for lateral thinking, growth multiplier effect and align product market fit, for :

  • small groups and teams focusing on customer insights and evaluation
  • leaders driving change in business processes to stay lean and relevant
  • entrepreneurs looking to evaluate or validate product market fit

learning and development : our proprietary framework and approach guide  participants through a process of non-linear discovery of creative problem solving, design thinking and design sprints using:

  • training & seminars
  • design workshops