Industry Sector

Our compelling belief system is “stay relevant , stay profitable “ .Driving business relevance is at the very core of our work and we ably do so with design :

  • Lifesciences | Our clear understanding and execution capability of complex facilities to international standards ,augmented our collaboration with  our clients in establishing an international lifesciences center of excellence in Bangalore .
  • Food Processing | we worked with the largest midday meal programme in India to ensure their “cook to consumption “ time is reduced by almost half and be a part of their nation building exercise.
  • Hospitality | our conscious effort in this domain has been to retain endearing service with an old world charm, one that would allow you to sit back , relax and enjoy “ the garden city “ aspect of Bangalore albeit in an oasis format.
  • R&D | we understand that progress lies in the minds of the unreasonable and we have ably partnered with scientists and technologists to support the process of fostering newer thought paradigms that can be built , prototyped and tested thereby helping the industry leapfrog.